Shanghai Imbiss

DIY or die!


230V Wurst

Grilled sausage ready to eat and delicious in less than 10seconds!


High five for first kiss


Neuer Stern Flipper: TRON Legacy

Viele haben es schon vermutet, jetzt ist es offiziell, STERN bringt als nächsten Flipper: TRON Legacy. Insgesamt machen Artwork und Farbgebung einen schönen Eindruck, aber meiner Meinung nach hätte man bei dem Thema mehr rausholen können. Z.B. Schwarzlicht und fluoreszierende Farbapplikationen im TRON-Stil auf den Rampen. Da derzeit der Rolling Stones vom Band läuft, wird es wohl Spätsommer, bevor die ersten TRONs in Europa eintreffen.


Roboter tanzen das Alphabet

15 Khepera robots executing an assignment and formation control algorithm developed by Edward Macdonald for his Master’s thesis at Georgia Tech.


Gatling Slingshot mit Flipperkugel-Munition

Gatling guns have been the first firearms with a firing rate close to modern machine guns. Their principle is easy: A set of rotating barrels is turned by cranking a wheel, with one barrel after the other firing a round when it is in shooting position. This makes them technically and legally a repeating gun, not a full auto one – but it is close enough.

The Slingshot Channel took the challenge to design a rubber powered version of Mr. Gatling’s great invention. And here it is: Eight 20 mm balls, on their way to the target in less than half a second. The theoretical firing rate is 960 rounds per minute, slightly faster than the popular M16 assault rifle.